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Roudy De Roude Léiw - The Red Lion Luxembourg

Our Missions

Education, Culture, and Support for Our Little Warriors.

Roudy’s overarching vision is to be a catalyst for transformation across various domains, enriching lives through engaging and meaningful experiences.

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Envision a world where learning is a multisensory experience, enabling complete learner engagement and making education more effective and accessible.

Roudy culture Luxembourg


Rethink our interaction with cultural heritage by creating experiences that transcend spatial and temporal barriers.

Roudy in Hospital - Medical care for kids

Medical Care

Humanize the medical experience for our little warriors by offering not just distraction but also better understanding and acceptance of the healing process.

Innovative Projects

Discover Lux Runner


Fun mobile game to discover Luxembourg !

Discover the fantastic worlds of the Lux Runner !

Go on an adventure with Roudy the red lion and cross the Lux Runner worlds. Collect the accessories for each world and complete the challenges !

Roudy Racing

Race with friends in Luxembourg City !

Drive like crazy through the streets of Luxembourg City to become Roudy Racing’s No. 1 driver. Join Roudy the red lion in this high-speed race for family and friends. At the wheel of your vehicle, finish the circuit in first place to win the race.

Roudy Racing Luxembourg

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Birthday Party Services

Roudy Birthday Party

Themed Bday Parties

Celebrate your child’s special day with a magical touch from Roudy!

Our Roudy-themed birthday parties are the perfect way to make your little one’s celebration unforgettable.

We specialize in creating a whimsical and joyous atmosphere, tailored to bring the world of Roudy to life.


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